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Today to continue my blog post about email marketing and the idea of using video to supporting email marketing strategy, my post will be about the video email marketing. Today blog’s post will show you guys how video email marketing works or how the video can help the traditional email marketing strategy.

Video is the new idea in marketing. Traditional email marketing campaign in time loses their influence to customers and cannot be so helpful for the businesses. But  the new idea to putting a video as a visual aid to get more attention of customer, because we know that people do not want to just read anymore. The video will help customer as a tool to show the products to customer and it is very important.

The video will help customer be more interested or excited for example: some restaurants launching new foods or for clothing companies offering their new collections. I give example of these companies, because the products of these companies can be more interesting of the customer can see it. We cannot promote some new foods with text email only. The video will show to customers, how the food looks like, how delicious they are and the same with clothes. I guess nobody can buy clothes, just according the information given by email without seeing it at least on the pictures.

Video email strategy can be very helpful for business. Everybody knows that with audio or video visual can increase the change that customer will remember our products. Also video can help businesses to get some information from customers such as how many people interested on our video. This information can help us as businesses to improving our strategy. Also video can increase the click through percentages in comparison with emails without video. In my opinion with video your email campaign can be more profitable for business.

To supporting my opinion I give two examples of using video email strategy: one is cases of Xerox Company and the second one is PGA tour study case. These two study cases show how the video email can be very useful for business.




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  1. Video email is a great way connect with clients, especially in the video production world, which is one reason we started using Catapult ( in addition to a website video. Not only has it allowed us to deliver the video email directly to our customer, but we’re provided with exhaustive back end analytics, from who watched it, where they watched, what they watched it on, when they watched it, how much they watched, and a whole lot more. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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