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My blog post for today is about digital PR- digital Public Relation. It is very interesting field, because todays when a lot of businesses do their business online. My blog post for today will give you guys some basic information about digital public relations such as  what does digital public relation means, what benefits the digital public relation can bring for business and why is important for every online business.

Let starts with the definition of digital public relations. The digital public relation basically is a process of distribution information or using online media to let customer know or talk about the company. The digital public relation is the way of communication of the company to customers and also it is the way of company to promote their products and services. Basically we have three types of ways to communicate with customers.

The first one is direct communication. The second is media communication and the last one is social media. Nowadays social media is very popular way of digital PR, because in modern life of 21th century lot of people use social networking such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or more another social media tools. All of these media tools can help the company to communicate with the customers, or make them talk about the company.

Digital public relation can have the company to increase their visibility, gain more customer and profits, and support the SEO strategy. The digital public relation is very important for businesses, because digital public relations can have big influence on business performance. For example: if the company has good digital public relation they can get increase the awareness of the company and also get more customers and make more profits, but on the other hand they do not have good digital public relations, it means the customers do not know about them or have bad experience with the company and as a result of this the company can lose customers, lose the sales and also the brand awareness of company will be damaged. The main goal of digital public relation is to enhance the image of the company to customer. In my opinion digital public relation will bring lots of benefit for business if  they invest more to it and  use it properly.

For today blog I have two study cases of Louis Vuitton and Chuck the eco duck. These two study cases show the result of successful digital public relation. Especially on the Chuck’s study case when the result is incredible with: 217,000 impressions from Google search engine, 1002 of full page reads and 59,807 of headline impression (, 2012).Also I put one video of Coca Cola “SUSO” as example too. I hope that will be useful for people, who interest on digital PR.


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