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ECRM: e- Customer relationship management

The last blog post for today is about eCRM: e-customer relationship management. Again I will give you give some basic information about eCRM. What does eCRM mean, how it can help the business and why eCRM- customer relationship management is important for every business?

ECRM basically includes all ways of communicate by company with the customers via internet. The eCRM helps the company to find out what the customer wants from them. The main goal of eCRM is manage and create a strong relationship with customers, also to build the loyalty and the trust from customers. The task of eCRM is from all gathered information from customers to find out the problems and spaces, where the company need to improve.

Based on the information of eCRM the company will get more knowledge about the customer a nd the company can improve their customer services, make the customer satisfied and also gain more profits. Also the cost of eCRM is relatively low. The benefit of eCRM is the company can improve not only the customer services, but for example the information from eCRM can be useful for email strategy for creating email list or database. With eCRM the company can exactly focus on what the customer are looking for. ECRM does not only help the company to retain the existing customers, but also help to gain new customers too. In comparison with the traditional CRM the eCRM has more advantages and eCRM has higher effectiveness such as using new technology, reduce the cost  and also get more data from customers.

In my opinion the eCRM is very important part of the marketing, because if the company does not have good eCRM strategy, that means they can lose customers, loses profits. I think that good business making decision will be made just only according great the customer relationship management. The eCRM has more advantages and I cannot name all of them so I give two study cases showing the usefulness of eCRM:  Mccain and Virgin Holiday study case.


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