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ECRM: E- Customer Relationship Management

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ECRM: e- Customer relationship management

The last blog post for today is about eCRM: e-customer relationship management. Again I will give you give some basic information about eCRM. What does eCRM mean, how it can help the business and why eCRM- customer relationship management is important for every business?

ECRM basically includes all ways of communicate by company with the customers via internet. The eCRM helps the company to find out what the customer wants from them. The main goal of eCRM is manage and create a strong relationship with customers, also to build the loyalty and the trust from customers. The task of eCRM is from all gathered information from customers to find out the problems and spaces, where the company need to improve.

Based on the information of eCRM the company will get more knowledge about the customer a nd the company can improve their customer services, make the customer satisfied and also gain more profits. Also the cost of eCRM is relatively low. The benefit of eCRM is the company can improve not only the customer services, but for example the information from eCRM can be useful for email strategy for creating email list or database. With eCRM the company can exactly focus on what the customer are looking for. ECRM does not only help the company to retain the existing customers, but also help to gain new customers too. In comparison with the traditional CRM the eCRM has more advantages and eCRM has higher effectiveness such as using new technology, reduce the cost  and also get more data from customers.

In my opinion the eCRM is very important part of the marketing, because if the company does not have good eCRM strategy, that means they can lose customers, loses profits. I think that good business making decision will be made just only according great the customer relationship management. The eCRM has more advantages and I cannot name all of them so I give two study cases showing the usefulness of eCRM:  Mccain and Virgin Holiday study case.


Digital Coupons

Digital coupons:

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To continue the topic of mobile marketing, today I will give you guys some information about the digital coupons- the new trend in mobile marketing or internet marketing in general.

The digital coupons are coupons, which are provided online by companies or businesses. The customer can download or scan it by using smartphone. The digital coupons basically have the same task like normal coupons, it means digital coupons are used by customers to order services or buy products. Nowadays lots of company start to offer the customers digital coupons, because using coupons bring some advantages for business and also benefits for consumers. Digital coupons can help businesses to save money, because they do not need the printed coupons anymore, it money they save money from printing and paper and also digital coupons are environmental friendly too.

Another benefit, which businesses can have from digital coupons, is increasing the awareness of the company, creating a stronger relationship with customers by offering them new experience of shopping and also building the loyalty from customers. All of these things are very important for business. As we known the numbers of mobile users is increasing, that means using digital coupons will help the company to gain and promote to more and more customers.

As a benefit for customer except that they have discount from coupons, with digital coupons they do not need to spent time for cutting printed coupons from newspapers. The digital coupons can provide more comfortable for customers, because digital coupons are available anytime in mobile and the customers can use it everywhere and anytime.

In my opinion using digital coupons can help the business to save money and also gain more profits- the biggest goal for every business. Digital coupons can be a new hot trend in internet marketing. Two study cases to support today blog’s post are: Crocs Company and Bing study case and also I post a video show how digital works.

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing:

Today I will write about very interesting topic of internet marketing. The topic for today is Mobile marketing, one of new trends for marketing. Everyone knows about the increasing number of people using I-phones or another smartphones. Mobiles are now part of our lives, we can see that mobiles are everywhere and everyone has at least one mobile including child. Nowadays people spent a lot of time using mobile for calling, checking email or playing games. Mobiles have great influence to people lives therefore marketers are now focusing on mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is process of using mobile devices or networks to communicate and promote the products or services to the customers. Mobile marketing is the new way of marketing in comparison with old traditional types of marketing for example emails marketing.

Mobile marketing offer a lot of options for marketers to promote or attract the customer. I can name some options like: mobile marketing via SMS or MMS, mobile marketing web marketing or mobile marketing via QR code. One interesting about the QR code that the QR code  include 3000 bytes of information, that means the QR can provide save 7000 numbers or text with 4300 characters according (, 2012). In the last time more and more marketers start to use QR codes in their marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about the advantages of mobile marketing. The biggest advantage of mobile marketing is their presence that means people always take mobile with them everywhere they go: to work, to meetings, on free time, so mobile marketing can allow to promote to customers everywhere and anytime. With mobile marketing the marketers can also improve data management. Mobile marketing can guarantee of increasing response rate or the delivery of customers.

Also mobile marketing has disadvantages too. The first one could be the technical problem for example problems with operating system of the mobiles. All of the mobile marketing is based on technology and if the company do not have a good technical support whole of the marketing strategy will be failed. The second problem is the design of advertisement; because the displays of mobiles are small therefore the marketers will have a problem to create a design to be suitable with the mobile’s screen. In my opinion mobile marketing will be very useful for business and will be a main type of marketing on future for marketers.

Today I will give two study cases: one of SMS mobile marketing of State Fair. The second one is about Big City Burrito with their mobile marketing strategy. Both of study cases are successful. Also I found out one video, which includes interesting statistic about smartphone and the video shows why business have to focus on mobile marketing if they want to get more profits.

Digital PR- Digital Public Relation

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My blog post for today is about digital PR- digital Public Relation. It is very interesting field, because todays when a lot of businesses do their business online. My blog post for today will give you guys some basic information about digital public relations such as  what does digital public relation means, what benefits the digital public relation can bring for business and why is important for every online business.

Let starts with the definition of digital public relations. The digital public relation basically is a process of distribution information or using online media to let customer know or talk about the company. The digital public relation is the way of communication of the company to customers and also it is the way of company to promote their products and services. Basically we have three types of ways to communicate with customers.

The first one is direct communication. The second is media communication and the last one is social media. Nowadays social media is very popular way of digital PR, because in modern life of 21th century lot of people use social networking such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or more another social media tools. All of these media tools can help the company to communicate with the customers, or make them talk about the company.

Digital public relation can have the company to increase their visibility, gain more customer and profits, and support the SEO strategy. The digital public relation is very important for businesses, because digital public relations can have big influence on business performance. For example: if the company has good digital public relation they can get increase the awareness of the company and also get more customers and make more profits, but on the other hand they do not have good digital public relations, it means the customers do not know about them or have bad experience with the company and as a result of this the company can lose customers, lose the sales and also the brand awareness of company will be damaged. The main goal of digital public relation is to enhance the image of the company to customer. In my opinion digital public relation will bring lots of benefit for business if  they invest more to it and  use it properly.

For today blog I have two study cases of Louis Vuitton and Chuck the eco duck. These two study cases show the result of successful digital public relation. Especially on the Chuck’s study case when the result is incredible with: 217,000 impressions from Google search engine, 1002 of full page reads and 59,807 of headline impression (, 2012).Also I put one video of Coca Cola “SUSO” as example too. I hope that will be useful for people, who interest on digital PR.

Video Email Marketing

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Today to continue my blog post about email marketing and the idea of using video to supporting email marketing strategy, my post will be about the video email marketing. Today blog’s post will show you guys how video email marketing works or how the video can help the traditional email marketing strategy.

Video is the new idea in marketing. Traditional email marketing campaign in time loses their influence to customers and cannot be so helpful for the businesses. But  the new idea to putting a video as a visual aid to get more attention of customer, because we know that people do not want to just read anymore. The video will help customer as a tool to show the products to customer and it is very important.

The video will help customer be more interested or excited for example: some restaurants launching new foods or for clothing companies offering their new collections. I give example of these companies, because the products of these companies can be more interesting of the customer can see it. We cannot promote some new foods with text email only. The video will show to customers, how the food looks like, how delicious they are and the same with clothes. I guess nobody can buy clothes, just according the information given by email without seeing it at least on the pictures.

Video email strategy can be very helpful for business. Everybody knows that with audio or video visual can increase the change that customer will remember our products. Also video can help businesses to get some information from customers such as how many people interested on our video. This information can help us as businesses to improving our strategy. Also video can increase the click through percentages in comparison with emails without video. In my opinion with video your email campaign can be more profitable for business.

To supporting my opinion I give two examples of using video email strategy: one is cases of Xerox Company and the second one is PGA tour study case. These two study cases show how the video email can be very useful for business.



Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is very well-known type of marketing. Email marketing is a process of using and sending email to customers for gaining new customers or creating a relationship with existing customers. Nowadays email marketing is declining a little bit down, because of influencing of new ways of marketing, for example using social media tools, but email marketing still can be very useful for businesses and it is a part of whole marketing plan by marketers.We have three types of email marketing:

1. Direct email: The email is used as a promotional message and sent directly to the customer. For example: special offer or new products. In my opinion this type of email marketing is the most common type, because we can directly offer products or services to the customers. To use this type of email marketing we need to understand about the customers, which we sent the email to, so this type is used usually for existing customers of company according gathered information about them from previously purchasing.

2. Newsletter email: the main purpose of this type is creating a relationship and loyalty with the customers. The newsletter email usually contains advertisement and the emails are sent automatically to customers for example every month.

3. Advertising thanks using another email: it means we have to pay for another company for promoting our products or services to their customers by including our advertisements to their newsletter. This type of email marketing helps businesses to gain new customers and increasing profits.

The main advantage of email marketing is creating a long-term relationship with customers and eventually gaining new customers, but the email marketing has big disadvantage, which is people usually ignore advertising emails and the percentage of open rates of these email is declining you can see it in the graph below:

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To solve this problem and improving the email marketing we need to change a little bit in strategy to make the email marketing more useful. The first thing we need to do it make sure that our emails are not identified as a spam by customers. The second thing to increase the open rates percentage we need to make our email be more attractive for example using video email marketing, which means putting in your email advertising video. Exists more tips to improving email marketing strategy, but I cannot  put everything in my blog post, so  in my opinion using video to supporting email will help businesses to get more profit or at least increase the change of the email will be opened.In my opinion email marketing is old but ” gold” for business and the marketers know how to use it properly, the email marketing still help business to get more profits.

To support my opinion I give two example of using video email marketing successfully: Avera hospital and Holland America Line study case.


e-commerce by fresh

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Today I will give you guys some information about E- commerce such as what does E- commerce means, the advantages or disadvantages of using E-commerce and another interesting things about E-commerce

E-commerce basically means the buying or selling products by businesses to their customers by using technology and digital systems such as using networks and Internet. Nowadays more and more businesses start to use E-commerce to sell their products or provide their services. The growth of businesses using E-commerce is growing up throughout the world, for example: (According the United Kingdom has the biggest E-commerce market in the world.

Using E-commerce brings a lot of benefits for business. Benefits of E-commerce for consumers are saving time, because just by one clicking on mouse the consumer can make a purchase and they do not need to go to the shop. E-commerce can delete the distance problem- the customers can buy everything and by anytime and do not care where they live. The costs of products or services in E-commerce are mostly cheaper than normal retailers. The consumers have more opportunities to choice, because E-commerce provides greater amount of goods.

The benefits for businesses are they can reduce the cost of products or services by saving money from labour cost, retailer cost that means the company can increase their competitiveness. The second benefit is they can get more customers, and expand their customer’s base and also get more profits. For new starting businesses using E-commerce is the way to reduce the money they have to invest and the fastest way to get attention from consumers.

But on the other hand it is very hard to be successful in E-commerce business. The biggest problem is building the trust of consumers. A lot of people do not want to shop online because they cannot get the experience by shopping or the consumer cannot test or try the products or services as in the normal shops. Another big problem is security, as we know the number of online frauds is increasing more and more. The competitors are next problems, because everyone can set up E-commerce so the E-market brings more competitors to businesses.

In my opinion E-commerce creates a new interesting market for business and E-commerce is new global trend in business. In my opinion the key of E-commerce is content of the E-commerce site and the provided service to make customer satisfied.

There are two articles to read to get more information about E-commerce: Examples of E-commerce and E-commerce model.

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