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Social media tools

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Social media tools

Today’s blog post is written as a part of my assignment for marketing class. It is about the media tools, which can be helpful for businesses to get attention from customer.

The first one is:

It is very useful website for businesses to use social media for marketing their products. It is like Social media dashboard for company’s social networks. Use Hoot Suite the company can manage and update information for free to 5 networks website such as: Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, LinkedIn and more another social websites. It will help company to save time to update each of social networks. Use Hoot suite the company can check and control the information like feedback, comments from customers or advertisement from 5 networks at the same time, and also the company can evaluate and compare the usefulness from all of social media networks, to find which is most useful and focus on it.

The second social media is well- known:

I think everyone knows about the Youtube and it is the most important reason, why use Youtube as a tool to marketing Pillar Box’s products. Youtube is very popular in whole world and daily a lot of people use it to search the video, which they want to see that means it could be be the fastest way to let customer from all in the world known about our company by video.  According the website Mashable .com at now Youtube launches new systems called “YouTube Promoted Videos in AdSense ad units”  to help to find more and more audience and  it could means for business more customers. Youtube is for free so it is very useful tools for business.

The last one of social media tools is: is looks like online feedbacks from customers. Thanks using the company can know about customers, about customer feedbacks, comments and complains too. It will help company to recognize their mistakes and improve themselves. The company will understand deeper about customer‘s needs. Also thanks Uservoice the company can know about customer’s new idea about their products and according this data make a change in decision to make the products more profitable.In my opinion social media tools are very important part , which every marketing plan must  have. Media tools will make the plan to be more successful

You can find more social media tools, which can be used for business in these two articles: Social media and Online tools


SEO – Seach Engine Optimization

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For today I will write about one of the most important elements of Internet Marketing. Our topic for today is overview about SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Today blog’s post will include basic information about this tool, also about advantages and disadvantages, and how it can be helpful in online business.

We can start with definition of SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a process to help the website be more visible when the customers searches by searching engines and increase the popularity and visibility of the website in search results. As we know mostly of people searching on the searching engines focus only on few first results, that means if your website is not in the top ten of the searching results list your website maybe cannot be seen by people and that means losing potential customer and losing profits for online business.

The SEO- Search Engines  Optimization helps the online businesses know about what customers looking for or the most searching words or topic and according these results the website can improve to be more suitable with customer’s needs for example : improve the website ‘s contents, update more and more new information, which customer searches the most etc.

One of the key for searching is keywords. Key words are the important words related with the content or the topic, what customers are looking for. Thank these key words the website can be found and seen by people. More keywords your website contains more chance the website can get the attention from researches – potential customers for business. The SEO helps company to find out and focus on targeted customer, who searches for specific services related with company’ s business.

The benefit of SEO is help the website to be more traffic and increases numbers of attendance by researches. That will help to build the trust to customers that the website is very reliable and trusted and increase the confidence of customers doing business with the company – increasing profits for company. With SEO you do not have to invest so much money to get your business website more traffic,  that means you spent just a little of money , but you will get big long- term good result for business.

In my opinion the disadvantage by using SEO could be surprising the keyword, because to keep the website be traffic the owner of website have to update and editing more and more new keywords according customers need and it is very difficult.  The second problem is SEO is profitable only for long term plan and you cannot expect immediately profits with this tool.

To get more information about this topic and some tips about SEO I can recommend these two websites:  SEO worker and SEO- news.

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