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How to create a PPC- pay per click campaign

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How to create a PPC- pay per click campaign for business

Firstly to make a good PPC- pay per click campaign we have to choose or identify our potential customers. This first thing of the campaign is very important, because you as a marketer must to make sure that the customers, which we want to get attention from them are “ right” customers. We have to create a profile or persona of customer. The profile will help us to find out what are the customer needs, what are the customer’s expectations. Based on the information we will understand more about customer and know the important thing we have to focus to gain the customers.

After identifying the potential customers we need to create a keyword database. Creating or choosing keyword database is one of the most important things of the PPC pay per click campaign. If we have bad keyword we can lose a lot of money, but cannot gain customers, because we have to pay for each clicking. The keywords must be directly about the products or related with our products, but they could be words about the location, where the company is located or where the company wants to focus on. Another type of keywords could be synonym of our products names etc.

Next things we have to do for making a pay per click campaign is creating Ad text. The Ad text must be very attractive to get attention from customers and do not forget about the content of the website. If you have a good keyword and ad text, but the content of website is poorly and not concerning about the topic, which customer is looking for, the customer will feel confusing and may be do not come back again and that means you are failed.

The last thing we have to do it using the gathered information from the campaign to find out problems for improving our campaign. In my opinion if we do all of these things well the PPC campaign will be successful.To get more information about PPC campaign there are two article to read the secret of PPC campaign and PPC campaign

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