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SEM- Search Engine Marketing


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To continue with topic about search engines and marketing for today I will write about Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

SEM- Search Engine Marketing could be defined as a new way of Internet Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is already new trend in marketing. It is new kind of promotions and Search Engine Marketing also includes SEO- Search Engine Optimization.

SEO and SEM also have a similar task to do and it is to increase the visibility of the website and make the website more traffic. But for SEO, which focuses on creating and editing website’s contents to make the website match with what researchers are looking for. SEM focuses on paid things such as online advertisements. In the market we can some big companies focused on SEM like: Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. These companies realize the importance and the usefulness of SEM- Search Engine Marketing. I have to repeat one important tool and it is keywords. Keywords have great influence for both of SEO and SEM. The keyword is used as a guide for researcher and directs the researchers to the website.

The SEM usually incudes SEO and other tools to get attention and gain a customers such as building links, web analytics etc. And exists one important tool is called pay per click – PPC. This system is about if the company want that their website will be shown on the top of search results list they have to pay some fee but the fee is depend on clicks to the website. That means the company has to pay only for their real gained potential customers not pay for advertisements. This system is very useful for businesses, but on the other hand it is also depends on how much money the company is willing to pay, because higher price you pay higher place you will have on results list. But in my opinion this system is the fastest way to gain customers or at least to raises up the attendance of customers.

The advantage of SEM is the company will focus on customers, who are really interested in or looked for their services or products. And if they are lucky and clever they can get some cheaper key words, which will get more customers and save some money too. To more information about SEM and related things about it you can read these two articles: SEM- article and SEM- search term research.

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