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Digital Coupons

Digital coupons:

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To continue the topic of mobile marketing, today I will give you guys some information about the digital coupons- the new trend in mobile marketing or internet marketing in general.

The digital coupons are coupons, which are provided online by companies or businesses. The customer can download or scan it by using smartphone. The digital coupons basically have the same task like normal coupons, it means digital coupons are used by customers to order services or buy products. Nowadays lots of company start to offer the customers digital coupons, because using coupons bring some advantages for business and also benefits for consumers. Digital coupons can help businesses to save money, because they do not need the printed coupons anymore, it money they save money from printing and paper and also digital coupons are environmental friendly too.

Another benefit, which businesses can have from digital coupons, is increasing the awareness of the company, creating a stronger relationship with customers by offering them new experience of shopping and also building the loyalty from customers. All of these things are very important for business. As we known the numbers of mobile users is increasing, that means using digital coupons will help the company to gain and promote to more and more customers.

As a benefit for customer except that they have discount from coupons, with digital coupons they do not need to spent time for cutting printed coupons from newspapers. The digital coupons can provide more comfortable for customers, because digital coupons are available anytime in mobile and the customers can use it everywhere and anytime.

In my opinion using digital coupons can help the business to save money and also gain more profits- the biggest goal for every business. Digital coupons can be a new hot trend in internet marketing. Two study cases to support today blog’s post are: Crocs Company and Bing study case and also I post a video show how digital works.

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