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Today I will give you guys some information about E- commerce such as what does E- commerce means, the advantages or disadvantages of using E-commerce and another interesting things about E-commerce

E-commerce basically means the buying or selling products by businesses to their customers by using technology and digital systems such as using networks and Internet. Nowadays more and more businesses start to use E-commerce to sell their products or provide their services. The growth of businesses using E-commerce is growing up throughout the world, for example: (According the United Kingdom has the biggest E-commerce market in the world.

Using E-commerce brings a lot of benefits for business. Benefits of E-commerce for consumers are saving time, because just by one clicking on mouse the consumer can make a purchase and they do not need to go to the shop. E-commerce can delete the distance problem- the customers can buy everything and by anytime and do not care where they live. The costs of products or services in E-commerce are mostly cheaper than normal retailers. The consumers have more opportunities to choice, because E-commerce provides greater amount of goods.

The benefits for businesses are they can reduce the cost of products or services by saving money from labour cost, retailer cost that means the company can increase their competitiveness. The second benefit is they can get more customers, and expand their customer’s base and also get more profits. For new starting businesses using E-commerce is the way to reduce the money they have to invest and the fastest way to get attention from consumers.

But on the other hand it is very hard to be successful in E-commerce business. The biggest problem is building the trust of consumers. A lot of people do not want to shop online because they cannot get the experience by shopping or the consumer cannot test or try the products or services as in the normal shops. Another big problem is security, as we know the number of online frauds is increasing more and more. The competitors are next problems, because everyone can set up E-commerce so the E-market brings more competitors to businesses.

In my opinion E-commerce creates a new interesting market for business and E-commerce is new global trend in business. In my opinion the key of E-commerce is content of the E-commerce site and the provided service to make customer satisfied.

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