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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is very well-known type of marketing. Email marketing is a process of using and sending email to customers for gaining new customers or creating a relationship with existing customers. Nowadays email marketing is declining a little bit down, because of influencing of new ways of marketing, for example using social media tools, but email marketing still can be very useful for businesses and it is a part of whole marketing plan by marketers.We have three types of email marketing:

1. Direct email: The email is used as a promotional message and sent directly to the customer. For example: special offer or new products. In my opinion this type of email marketing is the most common type, because we can directly offer products or services to the customers. To use this type of email marketing we need to understand about the customers, which we sent the email to, so this type is used usually for existing customers of company according gathered information about them from previously purchasing.

2. Newsletter email: the main purpose of this type is creating a relationship and loyalty with the customers. The newsletter email usually contains advertisement and the emails are sent automatically to customers for example every month.

3. Advertising thanks using another email: it means we have to pay for another company for promoting our products or services to their customers by including our advertisements to their newsletter. This type of email marketing helps businesses to gain new customers and increasing profits.

The main advantage of email marketing is creating a long-term relationship with customers and eventually gaining new customers, but the email marketing has big disadvantage, which is people usually ignore advertising emails and the percentage of open rates of these email is declining you can see it in the graph below:

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To solve this problem and improving the email marketing we need to change a little bit in strategy to make the email marketing more useful. The first thing we need to do it make sure that our emails are not identified as a spam by customers. The second thing to increase the open rates percentage we need to make our email be more attractive for example using video email marketing, which means putting in your email advertising video. Exists more tips to improving email marketing strategy, but I cannot  put everything in my blog post, so  in my opinion using video to supporting email will help businesses to get more profit or at least increase the change of the email will be opened.In my opinion email marketing is old but ” gold” for business and the marketers know how to use it properly, the email marketing still help business to get more profits.

To support my opinion I give two example of using video email marketing successfully: Avera hospital and Holland America Line study case.

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