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Today I will write about very interesting topic of internet marketing. The topic for today is Mobile marketing, one of new trends for marketing. Everyone knows about the increasing number of people using I-phones or another smartphones. Mobiles are now part of our lives, we can see that mobiles are everywhere and everyone has at least one mobile including child. Nowadays people spent a lot of time using mobile for calling, checking email or playing games. Mobiles have great influence to people lives therefore marketers are now focusing on mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is process of using mobile devices or networks to communicate and promote the products or services to the customers. Mobile marketing is the new way of marketing in comparison with old traditional types of marketing for example emails marketing.

Mobile marketing offer a lot of options for marketers to promote or attract the customer. I can name some options like: mobile marketing via SMS or MMS, mobile marketing web marketing or mobile marketing via QR code. One interesting about the QR code that the QR code  include 3000 bytes of information, that means the QR can provide save 7000 numbers or text with 4300 characters according (, 2012). In the last time more and more marketers start to use QR codes in their marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about the advantages of mobile marketing. The biggest advantage of mobile marketing is their presence that means people always take mobile with them everywhere they go: to work, to meetings, on free time, so mobile marketing can allow to promote to customers everywhere and anytime. With mobile marketing the marketers can also improve data management. Mobile marketing can guarantee of increasing response rate or the delivery of customers.

Also mobile marketing has disadvantages too. The first one could be the technical problem for example problems with operating system of the mobiles. All of the mobile marketing is based on technology and if the company do not have a good technical support whole of the marketing strategy will be failed. The second problem is the design of advertisement; because the displays of mobiles are small therefore the marketers will have a problem to create a design to be suitable with the mobile’s screen. In my opinion mobile marketing will be very useful for business and will be a main type of marketing on future for marketers.

Today I will give two study cases: one of SMS mobile marketing of State Fair. The second one is about Big City Burrito with their mobile marketing strategy. Both of study cases are successful. Also I found out one video, which includes interesting statistic about smartphone and the video shows why business have to focus on mobile marketing if they want to get more profits.

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